Colebridge's Around Again Social Supermarket campaign needs you!

Member News

Made in the Midlands member Colebridge Enterprises, part of Colebridge Trust has partnered with Around Again to work on poverty in one of the most 5-10% deprived areas in England. 

Around Again was created to “relieve need, hardship or distress by the provision of essential items to those in need.” The charity’s work includes volunteering, training, education and health and wellbeing, with a particular focus on North Solihull and neighboring areas. Colebridge Trust does similar work as a community development charity, supporting people and community sector organisations in the Solihull area. The two charities have come together to create a Social Supermarket, administering food to those in need. 

Due to the recent changes to housing, benefits and the low availability of unskilled jobs, this has left many people and households suffering deprivation for essential needs such as food. Using a food pantry model, Around Again and Colebridge Trust will offer a £15.00 value for food for a suggested donation of £2.50. As a result of this, the individual must agree to speak to an intervention worker from Colebridge Trust where they will help them with: “volunteering, health, employment, training, personal budgeting, shop-smart reasoning, cook-smart training and referrals to specialist organisations for issues such as substance misuse.”

As we draw closer to Christmas time, those with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety are exposed to feelings of isolation and loneliness. Therefore are in need of your help to gain access to food and intervention, especially during this time of year. A customer who regularly gains supplies from the Social Supermarket said: 

“I have been coming to the Social Supermarket since it opened. Before my cupboards were empty, if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have anything now. I would like to say a massive thank you to all the staff and volunteers who have helped me. I come in every week and everyone is so friendly and helpful.” 

As there is a low supply of food because of the popularity of the service, the Around Again Social Super Market is asking for donations of non-perishable food items and toiletries. These items could include: “Pasta, rice, tinned vegetables, tinned meat, pasta sauces, tinned beans, cereal, tinned fruit, tinned tomatoes, soup, biscuits, tea, coffee and UHT milk.”

Phyllis Bailey, Coordinator of the Around Again Social Supermarket, said: 

“Around Again receives referrals from external agencies/organisations as you can imagine at this time of year the referrals are increasing daily. We do purchase food weekly from FareShare although tinned products and toiletries are not provided so we do rely heavily on donations from organisations to achieve demand.

If you think you can help and would like to make a donation, please contact Phyllis Bailey on 0121 448 0720 or email at [email protected]